Important details!

Dress code

Black Tie


While we love your children, we are giving you the night off! Please understand that our wedding ceremony and reception is an adults only affair, however all are welcome at the recovery the following day.


Your attendance on our wedding day is the greatest gift of all! However, if you would like to make a contribution, a wishing well will be available on the day. Funds gifted will go towards furnishing our home or a holiday!


For those coming up for a couple of days, here are a few of our favourite local eats:


‘Campgrounds’ (Central) does a great coffee and assortment of bagels. 

’Humble café’ (East Tamworth) & ‘Hissy Fits’ (Peel st.) each make a great B&E roll. 


We’d recommend ‘The Tamworth’ and/or ‘The Courthouse’ if you’re after a drink or pub feed in their respective beer gardens. 

Some other great options include ‘The Pig and Tinder Box’, ‘The Post Office hotel’ and ‘The Tudor’ to name a few. 


If you’re looking for somewhere to break up your drive, there are a couple of options in Willow Tree (approx 1hr out of Tamworth). ‘The Graze hotel’ has an excellent menu, and ‘The Plains Pantry’ is a regular stop of ours for a meat pie & a coffee.

A few other Tamworth activities

    • The Longyard Golf Course is Georgios pick if you want to squeeze in a round.
  • The Flagstaff Lookout is a great bushwalk if you're in the mood - it is about an hour and a half round trip. Drive up White Street and continue to Oxley Lookout. You can park there to start the walk.
  • The Peel River levee bank is also more of a casual (and flat) walking loop . Just put Bicentennial Park or Hoscotch Cafe into your maps and you should find it.